Don’t Read This Unless You Want Real Personal Transformation!

Dear Friend,


If you have ever desired real personal mastery, then this is probably going to be the most disappointing letter you are ever going to read. 


Here is why: you are almost certainly not ready... to experience the freedom that comes from self-mastery.


Are You Ready To Climb?


Mount Everest is the tallest mountain on Earth at 29,035 feet tall. People spend months, if not years, preparing for the climb and getting ready for the extreme conditions which they will encounter. 


Even with the latest tools and technologies, and the use of bottled oxygen, mountaineers regularly experience fatigue, nausea, vomiting, hypothermia, frostbite and more!


And There’s Absolutely No Guarantee That

You’ll Make It To The Top. 


Since being “discovered” in 1841, approximately 4,000 people have managed to make it to the summit. That’s 4,000 out of the 108.2 billion humans that have ever lived... or 0.000000037% 


I think you’ll agree that’s a very small number. 


So why am I talking about climbing Mount Everest? 


Well, the results that can be obtained from real personal mastery are very much like climbing Everest, only... 


...much more difficult and even more rewarding! 


Having the freedom that comes from mastering the mind is the biggest prize, a priceless gift, that has eluded all but a very few individuals, in fact... 


There Might Be Only A Handful Of People On The Planet Right Now...


...that have achieved real personal mastery. 


And here’s the thing. I’m NOT one of them. 


So, you might be asking yourself, why should I listen to you if you’re not able to get me up the mountain? 


That’s a great question. I’m glad you asked. 


There Is No Quick Fix!


Before I get to that, we are at an interesting time in human history. 


As I write this in 2019, there is a relentless focus on the quick fix, the “hack” for health, wealth, happiness, relationships, etc. 


You name it and there’s a system that promises results in a few easy steps, with no time, and with no effort on the part of the aspirant. 


It is easy to want to believe there is a shortcut, a secret hidden path up the mountain. We may even experience some short-term benefits from the latest magic formula, but eventually, you end up... 


Back Where You Started... Or Worse!


You may be stuck going around the mountain with no idea how to get any higher or without a guide to show you the way. 


Even worse, you may have the wrong guide helping you navigate your climb, leaving you lost and uncertain about the path forward. 


Real personal mastery takes time and requires consistent effort (sometimes super-effort) and discipline, as well as the right tools, the right map, and the right guide and support team to make sure you’re making progress.


Getting To Base Camp


Back to climbing Mount Everest. 


While I cannot get you to the summit, what I can do is prepare you for the climb and give you the tools needed to make it to base camp. 


Let me put that into perspective for you. About 30,000 people reach Everest base camp each year. Which again is some very small fraction of people (just 0.0000039% of people alive right now). 


This is a real achievement. 


And if you do make it to base camp, I have access to a guide that can take you the rest of the way to the summit. 

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. 


Being ready to attempt a ‘summit’ will involve an in-depth assessment from the guide, and only if you’re truly ready, will you be allowed to proceed. 


After all, your life depends on this


But as I mentioned previously, you are almost certainly not ready for that. At least not yet. 


Are You One Of The Few?


However, if you are one of the few individuals, the true aspirants that are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve real personal mastery, you might be interested in applying for our course Everest: preparing for base camp.


If so, here’s some of what you can learn: 

  • How to master the agitated mind and focus your attention to achieve any outcome you desire: health, wealth, relationships, and more. 
  • How to become more heart-based so that you can be more present, coherent, and access creative and resourceful states on-demand. 
  • How to declare impossible goals and use them to identify and break through the ego and the self-imposed limitations that are holding you back from your true potential. 
  • How you can engage super-effort to overcome obstacles and turn them into an opportunity for growth and reflection. 
  • How to build the discipline to do the right things, consistently, and develop habits that lead to a continuously improving you.

However, I Must Warn You Again...

This Is Not For Everyone!


I’m only interested in finding the real climbers, those who aren’t satisfied with accepting a coin-flip life, a 50-50 chance, in any one moment of being happy. At the mercy of external conditions and circumstances. 


Think about it this way, if you’re climbing a mountain (and you are climbing a mountain), whether you know it or not, don’t you want the odds stacked in your favor?


That’s what I thought. 


And don’t just take my word for it, here are some of the things that are possible for people because they made it to base camp. 


"Working with Greg at One Breath Global has helped me to learn how to continually focus on the positive and on where I am heading /choosing to head in my life. I have been able to make mental shifts more consistently away from the negative past and to stay present. My increased self-awareness from this work has enabled me to create a better relationship with myself and others. I keep a special coin as a daily reminder that all is well"  - Aida (Copenhagen, DK)


"Going through this course has helped me discover ways to recover more quickly from moments of emotional distress. It helped clarify several misunderstood notions like attention, intentions/setting goals and presence... I’ve come away realizing that turning inward does indeed provide all the solutions for my outer problems, it just requires a lot of work that really doesn’t ever end." - Eliran (New York, USA)


"This awakening or shift of consciousness has given me more clarity in my life and on my mission. These insights have been useful in my everyday life, both personally and professionally, as they prompted immediate action and acted as a guide towards service.  Looking back, the insights I gained were very accurate." - Miguel (Prague, CZ)


So, after hearing what’s possible, I hope you’re feeling ready to climb.

Here's How It Works


You’ll click the link below to schedule some time for us to talk. 


On the call you'll tell us a little more about yourself and why we should consider you for our program. 


If we think you’re a good fit and have what it takes to be successful, we'll extend a limited time offer. 


Simple and straight forward.


And It's Guaranteed


If you fully participate in the program, complete all the exercises, and you’re not convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt, that this course delivers everything I’ve promised, and you’re not on the path to real personal mastery, I insist that you immediately demand a full refund of your money.


So, Are You Ready For Base Camp?


All you have to do is click the link below to schedule a call. That’s all there is to it. We'll talk and if you’re a great fit, we’ll make you a limited time offer. That's it.




Greg Garrett



P.S. Don’t put this off. 


Due to the challenging nature of the program, and the personal attention we provide to our students, we only have a limited number of seats available. 


If you know you’re meant for more and truly aspire to real personal mastery, then this is your chance to get on the right path. 


What would be possible for you if you can realize more of your true potential now? What has it cost you by not taking action before now?